Hand Crafted Artisan Soap

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"I love making soap! They make us clean and clean makes people, happy. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them for you! ~Brecky

To start, if you have been diagnosed with any conditions, diseases, etc., please seek medical advice as I am not a doctor. I am a licensed esthetician and realized that I could not help that many people with their skin as I could if I made soaps that were dedicated to specific skin types. They would be natural, cleansing and moisturizing at the same time beautiful, fun, colorful and aromatic.


My reason for doing this is that I have had chronic dry hands from constant hand washing and the cleaning of airbrush guns for temporary tattoo events year after year.

Nothing seemed  to work so I tried to use all natural and organic butters, sugars, salts and 100% pure grade  essential oils, mainly from Young Living, and also fragrance oils.


I try to not to use chemicals or harmful additives besides lye but if you use soap, even melt and pours, they first start out being made with lye. (A solution of lye, is combined with animal and vegetable oils to cause a chemical reaction. This reaction breaks down the fats or oils into fatty acid chains, and the lye is neutralized in the process. This is called, saponification. Google can teach you much more, though.)

I started to heal right away. My handmade soaps worked so well that I decided to created a small line of soaps with healing type of ingredients in mind.


I will be adding more to my line as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy them.

From my favorite soapers.

This wall makes me so happy. I am collecting beautiful works of art from other amazing soapers. Thank you to Grace for sending me more than I paid for to add to my WALL-O-SOAP. These soaps will never be touched by hands or water. LOL! They will soon live in shadow boxes as soon I can afford them. But for now, I will more soaps from more of my favorite SOAPERS! Oh, and I have no shame in asking them for a few extras of your favorites that are not listed online. More pictures to come as I collect them. If you are a soaper and want to be on my wall please contact me. Sorry, some of them are end pieces and I need to buy little stands for them.

Strawberry Fields
Working on my decorating skills. Fun mini soaps about 1.2 oz each. So cute!
Cute passion fruit cupcakes.
Brecky's second attemptat soapmaking. It was a success! They look like bacon but they are cedar chips. LOL!
Brecky's 2nd soap...ever!

Coming soon, other offers:

"CUSTOM" soap is available with an added fee plus there is a minimum of a block of six (6) soaps, 12, or more for wedding gifts, etc.

"UNSCENTED" will be offered for some products. These soaps will offer the same wonderful cleansing and conditioning properties as with bars with added fragrances.

Mount Vernon, WA