Bubble Putty Molding Soap-Variety Pack

Bubble Putty Molding Soap-Variety Pack

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Fragrance (Mild): This is a mild scent of melons, berries or apples depending on the color.

About: First off....THANK YOU for your support. Every artisan batch of soap is designed, handcrafted, poured, individually cut, wrapped and labeled at Brecky's soaps studio in Mount Vernon, WA. We take great pride in crafting our artisan soap bars. They are made smaller than most artisan soaps as to better fit you hand and best of all the rate per bar makes it easy for you to purchase a variety of unique designs. Each one must pass Brecky's inspection before it can be packaged up and shipped to you! 

Weight: Depending upon the soap design, we may have a few different sizes. And simply because of the nature of handcrafted soap, it must go through a cure phase that evaporates the water within it. We will offer a flat-top bars that varies in weight approximately 3oz (85g) to 5oz (140g). And other bars are approximately 6.5-7ozs (185g) or our XXL Dope Dude Soap that can weigh up to 9ozs (255g). Some of the bars are massive, if you think the actual soap is to big to palm, just cut in half to be used in two locations of your home. Please remember that our artisan soaps are hand poured and cut so actual weight may vary slightly.

To Use: Mold as with any other clay by warming it up between your hands and then begin creating fun shapes that the kids will have fun bathing with. Parents, I suggest making the soap bars fairly large. And please keep an eye on little ones as they may think it is food. Yuck. Be sure to keep the unused soap tightly wrapped and then placed back into the packaging it came in, to preserve it's molding capability.

As With All Bar Soap: Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. Best if elevated above standing water. Bamboo soap dishes are ideal for these beautiful soaps. This will keep your soaps from breaking down in the water and getting soggy. Brecky's Artisan Soap will stay hard and last far longer. 

Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate  Adeps Bovis, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil