Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

I want a removal. Now what?

1) Read all of the information listed on this page.

2) Book an appointment. Call Brecky at 360-770-9668,

leave a message with your name, that you want a tattoo removed (I need to know this as I provide other services) & date/time preferred.

3) I will call you back to confirm your appointment date & time.

4) Allow a block of 2 hours for your initial visit.

5) On arrival you will fill out forms and I will assess to see if you are able and fit for a tattoo removal. 

6) If it is decided to proceed, payment will be collected before the procedure. measure the area to be removed and take photos.

7) We will then begin the procedure.

All Natural, Safe & Cost Effective!

A) Size of tattoo is determined on your first visit. Minimum session size is 1". If the tattoo is a " ; " or the like. It may get a small discount. 

B) Price is $120 for each session. You will need to purchase the aftercare serum at your 1st session. $25-$80.

C) Eyeliner, upper $200 per session. Eyeliner, lower $240 per session. (Both sides are done during each session.)

D) Face tattoos (only within hairline area, ears and jawline) are $75 a session! Anything close to the eyes the fee is a bit higher. Eyeliner, brows & lips (PMU) are not included in this special, see rates above.

E) This is a solution based remover and safe for all areas of the body. 

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

Please be patient and give the process a fair chance to work. Expect visible and wanted results in 3 to 8 sessions per area. How many sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted, how many square inches it is & how much needs to be removed for the desired result. 

She saw better results on her first tattoo removal session with Brecky than with 3 laser treatments!

The last image is a bit blurry but you can see that after 2 procedures, it is working. She is happy!

Open by appointment only.

Stop Before Procedure...

1) No alcohol 24 hours prior.
2) No blood thinners. or aspirin 48-72 hours prior.
3) Stop Retinol or Retin A for at least 7 days prior.

4) No Botox 2 weeks prior.
5) Best not to be on a 
menstrual cycle.

Important!! After Procedure...

1) Keep the bandage on for approximately 30 mins to an hour then remove permanently.
2) Keep the area dry for at least 24 hours.

3) No swimming; sauna; long hot showers; excessive exercising that causes sweating during the scabbing.
4) Keep the area clean and open to the air.
5) Bath as usual but do not let the area soak.
6) Let the area scab up and fall off naturally.

7) Never pick at scab, it will most likely scare, if so.
8) After the scab falls off naturally, rub the area with the after care oil (Vitamin E solution) 2-3x's daily.

9) Use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sunscreen on the are for up to a year for the best healing results. 

This is why Non-Laser is the best procedure for tattoo ink removal!


  • Very low pain (most client score it as 1-3 out of 10)

  • Removes all colors

  • Suitable for all skin colors

  • Has the lowest scar risk

  • Removes ink and toxins safely through the surface of the skin

  • May take 3-8 sessions

  • Safely removes ink on eyelids and surrounding area

  • Removes ink allergen and calms reaction

  • Affordable

Compared to Lasers

  • Extremely painful (some describe it as hot oil splattering on your skin)

  • Does not remove all colors

  • Not suitable for dark skin

  • High risk for burning or scarring

  • Blast tattoo ink into Nano-particles
    throughout blood and major organs

  • May take 15 to 20 sessions or failure to remove ink at all

  • Not safe around eyes

  • Can not remove allergic reactions due to tattoo ink

  • Very expensive

Erase the visual remnants of past decisions...

...and replace it with captivating art of who you are now.

Mount Vernon, WA